RTT vs Hypnosis (What’s the difference?)

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is NOT hypnosis  BUT RTT uses hypnosis.

Hypnosis is amazing   – scientists will tell you  something happens  in the mind during hypnosis that doesn’t happen out of it,  and that something  is your mind is more willing to change.  I can say to someone in hypnosis “ you can go on stage and give a talk to 50 people, you are really confident, you make eye contact and you feel absolutely amazing”   at which point their mind will go “I can do that!”  –  but saying that to someone out of hypnosis the mind goes “ Oh NO! I might forget what I am supposed to say and go red, I don’t want to do that.”

Hypnosis  is very good at getting the mind to change, it is very good at exciting the imagination.  Exciting the imagination to make you believe that you are indifferent to chocolate, alcohol or  people that  hurt you.

The other thing about hypnosis that is so powerful  is it’s ability to take you back and to look at life events; because if you understand why you do as you do then you then you will be able to stop.  You do not know why you procrastinate, put things off or sabotage yourself. In hypnosis you understand why you do this, that in itself will change you.

I love hypnosis, its safe, its exciting, its used by Olympic athletes, its used by so many hospitals. So many companies now use hypnosis because they recognise  the value, but it is only a part of RTT, it is probably 25% of it. There are so many other things I do in RTT:

Upgrading the child

Dialoguing with the person that hurt you

Merging with the child

Putting back in you all  the praise you did not get

And many many other things too.

Exciting your imagination

Rewiring your mind to  make you believe you can do things

Reactivating the phenomenal confidence you were born with, while getting rid of all the      fear   especially the fear of being judged.

Which is another thing that no baby is born with  in fact a baby’s first experience is being judged, everyone looks at them and so RTT is so many  many things and it has a layering effect. Each technique makes the next one even more powerful. Part of it is hypnosis. What I do is get you to do the things you really want to do but have been held back from, and gets you to give up those things you really want to give up but have not been able to.  I understand the Brain’s need to keep going to what is familiar, and to keep resisting what is unfamiliar. People who have never had love resist it, People who have never had money get rid of it, it sounds bizarre, but as tribespeople we were wired to stay with what is familiar, because we were safe.

I find when I work with people and get their mind to be really excited about the unfamiliar and excited about giving up what is familiar (if its harmful)  like never being able to chair a meeting,  having no self  belief, never  having love or being smart with money  I can enable you to get your mind to give that up.

Most of RTT is really understanding how the mind works, it is cutting edge, it is innovative, it is very new, and it gets results in one session.

I have clients that have been on drugs for twenty years and more  who having had one session with me  are now drug free. Clients  who have never had a loving relationship after one session with me attract to them the love of their life, alcoholics who thought they would die from drinking and after one session turned their life around.   This is because I’m working with their mind  and looking back at the root cause of their issue, why they believe they are not good enough, not  loveable  and then enabling them to understand why their mind has locked onto that belief and then eliminating it and replacing it with a belief of an unshakable confidence that they are enough and they are lovable, and that everything is available to them. Including the life, health and love they want and deserve.

RTT is some hypnotherapy, it is a lot of Marisa Peer’s  own different modules of therapy, it is really effective.  Don’t be afraid of hypnotherapy and RTT it does not send you to sleep it wakes you up –its absolutely amazing!

RTT is an multi award winning therapy.