Weight Loss

What your mind says “yes” to your body says “yes” to

What drives you to overeat are feelings, I need it, I must have it, this food will make me feel better, diets don’t stop the feelings, they can only ever briefly suppress them but my method can and does.

I understand the psychology of overeating. I totally understand why people eat wrongly and I know the cure and it is radically different from anything you have done.

Research shows 95% of people find diets ineffective

This is because diets focus on the wrong thing.

According to the eating disorder charity beat, 85% of people comfort eat because they have a negative body image, diets don’t address the cause.

Your body literally responds to your thoughts and to your beliefs

I will change your thinking and thus change your behaviour

I will change your thinking and your whole relationship with food because

Eating is a habit of action 

What runs the habit of action is a habit of thought ‘cakes make me feel better’ ‘I need ice-cream when I have had a bad day’ if you take away the habit of action which is what diets ask you to do but you still have the same thoughts, you will always miss the food and after you have lost weight, you will go right back to all the food that made you overweight.

My method will rewire your brain to eat the right foods so you can forget all about dieting, and enjoy a healthy well balanced approach to eating. When you understand your brain and how it works, losing weight suddenly gets easy and more importantly it stays easy.

I will fill you up with self love and change your habit of thinking that is keeping you in the body you don’t want . You will no longer have to battle to resist cake it just won’t occur to you to eat it. I will rewire, code and reprogramme  your mind with a new way of thinking so you will love your body and  have a consuming desire to eat nutritious, delicious, healthy  food;  so dieting will be something you used to  do – which can not, does  not and will not ever influence you again.

So you will love yourself and your body will love you back, by giving you the body you desire.


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