Self Esteem and Inner Confidence

How To Naturally Generate A High Self Esteem And An Inner Confidence That Radiates From You

You Weren’t Born Lacking In Confidence; You Were Born Full Of Confidence.

Self-confidence can appear to be lost due to uncomfortable, unhappy or traumatic event or person in your childhood that has created an impression of not being good enough.

Lack of confidence and self-esteem are learned behaviours; in most cases they are defence mechanisms learned while you are still very young. The initial cause for lack of confidence and low self-esteem comes from the negative programming and conditioning received as a child. If you were constantly criticised or high expectations were expected of you, if over the years you continuely experienced being put down, particularly in front of others. All these factors can create feelings of low self-esteem and low-confidence from childhood to adulthood.


Every baby on the planet is born loaded with confidence. Babies demand that because of their belief that says ‘I DESERVE THIS’, I’M USED TO IT, IT’S COMPLETELY FAMILIAR’. Babies are wired to keep going, they are determined, ‘I CAN DO THAT’, SO YOU WERE BORN WITH 100% CONFIDENCE THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED THAT CHANGED THAT BELIEF.

With my method we are going to look at where your confidence went because you did have confidence and self-esteem. You haven’t lost it; it’s just been submerged by negative programming you received as a child. In one powerful session I will identify and eliminate all the negative programming, feelings and beliefs and reprogramme, condition and empower you by reactivating and regenerating within you the innate confidence you were born with. You will be naturally confident and self-assured and at ease around people with a self-assuredness that comes from having high self-esteem that radiates from you with an absolute feeling and knowing that you really are good enough and full of self-worth.

Your brain produces 50,000 thoughts a day. Sadly, most of us think the same thoughts today that we thought yesterday and will think the same things again tomorrow. Changing your thoughts CAN AND WILL change your life and this is exactly what my method will do for you.


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