You are not born with a phobia – we are born with only 2 fears

The fear of being dropped and the fear of noise – we acquire other fears and phobias as we develop.

A phobia means that your response is not rational, it is buried in your subconscious mind, so it can’t possibly be removed through logical thinking. The fear or phobia is a result of your reaction to a past event or memory. Example you’re eight years old and you’re reading out in class, you’re reading spinach. You say “spinnitch” and everyone laughs at you and you feel really upset, embarrassed and blush, they laugh at you even more. Twenty years later you’re asked to speak at a wedding and your mind fights it by triggering all these childhood feelings of being upset, embarrassed and blushing. Your brain does exactly what it thinks you want it to do based exactly on information you gave it once upon a lifetime ago.

How can rapid transformational therapy get rid of a phobia?

I will identify the root cause of your phobia, which most clients aren’t consciously aware of, and replace with your desired successful programming you’re finally free