Healing & Pain Control

Your mind is stronger than any drugthan any medicine because every part of your body, your muscles even your immune system responds to your thinking, your beliefs and your emotions.

‘Norman Cousins called the placebo the doctor that resides within you’

Placebo actually means the physician that lives in you. It means the physician that lives inside your body that can dispense any drug in any amount at any time, free of charge, but you have to know how to activate it.

Many doctors have acknowledged that more than 75% of human ailments are functional rather than organic, this means that the function of an organ or body part has been disturbed by the nervous system’s reaction to negative ideas and beliefs held in the subconscious mind. You cannot separate the mind from the body. Doctors don’t have time to change beliefs. Doctors are looking to change symptoms and I am changing your beliefs, which will change your symptoms by causing chemical changes in your blood which ultimately controls every cell in your body. What you think and believe is actually turned into chemistry that goes through your body and controls the activity of your cells, by changing your thoughts and beliefs you actually change your biology.

There is a doctor, a chemist within you that can make the chemicals your body needs to heal.

My method communicates with this ‘inner chemist’your subconscious mind by activating your body’s ability to heal and repair itself.

Scientists discover that hypnosis changes DNA

Scientists have also discovered that hypnosis can reprogram our existing DNA. DNA is located in each and every cell in our bodies, and cells are continually being replaced and renewed, so our DNA is continually being replaced and renewed. It has also been discovered that once DNA has been reprogrammed, it starts informing all other DNA in the body of the new changes. Our bodies are programmable by both language and thoughtYour subconscious mind holds all your inner programming, your DNA. My method works directly with the subconscious mind as your body will always react to whatever is going on in your mind (your beliefs). Your mind has more power to heal, to fix and change your body than any outside source and your mind can make all the healing chemicals that are needed