sleepy owl

Insomnia is not natural no one is born with it

You came onto the planet able to sleep anywhere! Babies sleep anywhere at all and you can regain that ability only by addressing the root cause of not being able to sleep, which is buried in your subconscious mind. Sleep is a natural state. You are wired to sleep and your subconscious mind wants you to sleep. Nature does all its repair and healing work while you are asleep. In order for your body to repair and heal it really does require you to be asleep.

You know trying to go to sleep never works because you are trying to do something or go somewhere. What works is having sleep come to you and stay with you all night. This is exactly what my method does by freeing you from any destructive beliefs and programming and changing your perceptions so sleep comes to you and stays with you all night long. You were born programmed to sleep and your mind is programmed to bring sleep to you especially at night.

I will identify and eliminate the root cause of not being able to sleep and reprogram and condition your mind to regain that perfect habit of sleep coming upon you and staying asleep, effortlessly, naturally so you enjoy perfect sleep all night long every night, which is your absolute birthright