The Mind

“The Mind does exactly what you want it to do, and what it believes is in your best interest”

To be able to understand how I can help you, you first need to know how your mind is working. Like any part of your body it can be trained to respond to help you manage any given situation.

In some cases, though, these reflexes can be unhelpful and this is what I can help you control.

The Mind is structured to keep you away from pain, it believes what your experiences tell it to and so it works in what you perceive to be your best interest.

A simple example would be your perceiving information that – for instance child birth was unpleasant or overly painful.  Perhaps a mother telling her daughter that it was the worst time of her life leaves you thinking “I never want children!”

This will encourage the mind to block your body making the correct hormones for child birth, there is nothing wrong with you but your mind is protecting you from a trauma.

My role is to help you discover what message your mind received and reprogram that message with the one that meets your current desires.  I will help you understand that the event,  maybe Mother was just frustrated that day?

Understanding this  allows you to release those blocks. This  allows your body to perform naturally. This increases your production of the correct hormones and chemicals to aid in conception.

Basically, if you haven’t got what you want, your mind is probably telling you that you don’t want or need it. Because this attitude is practiced in your unconscious mind it becomes an unconscious belief or habit.

My treatment of Rapid Transformation Therapy helps you break this habitual thinking. This opens you to new ways of reacting to enable you to obtain what you want.