Who should use Rapid Transformational Therapy ?

Any human who has areas in their life that they are ready to change.

Will it work?

Rapid Transformational Therapy, a multi award winning therapy has a proven success record built up over 30 years.

Will I be asleep?

No, far from sending you to sleep RTT  will wake you up to your full  potential – the real authentic you.

How will I feel during and after therapy ?

You will feel calm and beautifully relaxed, in the parasympathetic  part (the rest, restore and heal ) of your nervous system, which is the opposite to the sympathetic which  is the stress and damaging, imbalanced part of the nervous system.  You will  even experience a sense of well being and peace of mind. You will have an understanding which empowers and gives you freedom from your issues.

What if I uncover something I do not want to share ?

Because you are in complete control if you do not wish to share an event you need not. It may, though, be helpful to the therapy if you can share some level of the event to help clarify how the old beliefs, habits and behaviours were acquired and became the root of your issues, since you were certainly not born with them.