An addiction is classed as anything that moves you away from a bad feeling towards a good feeling

Addictions are habits of action run by habits of thoughts, change the thoughts and you change the habit

The root cause of every addiction is the feeling of I’m not enough – I need more…

The question is “why ?” – to understand addiction you can’t look at what is wrong with it but rather what is right about it. What are you getting from it, that otherwise you don’t have?

What the addiction is giving you is a release from pain, a sense of control, a sense of calm, but this is very, very temporary.

So the real question about addiction is not why the addiction but why the pain?

The deep rooted cause of any addiction can be traced back to a need to fill the emptiness of not being ‘enough’ this void exists in your mind. This feeling can have been caused by experience of abuse (mental, physical and sexual), abandonment or neglect. This is the cause of the pain and why you feel “not enough’. Addiction is all about trying to fill this emptiness from the outside, for each individual there are different ways to fill the emptiness which account for different  addictions.  This emptiness always goes back to what you didn’t get when you were very small.

The power to overcome the emptiness is not on the outside it is within yourself, you have to find the light within yourself

You cannot separate the mind from the body. If you have a belief that “ I can’t cope without a drink’, “I can’t relax without alcohol”, “I can’t focus and make phone calls without a cigarette”, ” I can’t enjoy the weekend unless I’m taking puff, coke or ketamine”, “I need to spend as much as I possibly can on my credit card to feel I’m enough”, that belief is starting to have an effect on your body as every thought you think has a physical reaction in your body.

My method will identify and eliminate the thoughts and beliefs driving the pain and  the addiction, reprogramme, rewire  and condition your mind for absolute freedom and knowing that you really are enough and be the real, authentic you and discover your light within!