“You Are What You Believe And You Turn Into Your Beliefs –  I will change your beliefs and change your life”

Kathy Curnan CMH., DHP.,MPMH.,CAH.,CPPD., CC.HYP

I help all those with lifestyle and health issues, particularly people that have tried everything and feel nothing works for them.

I specialise in helping all those who feel their issues are out of control and have no self worth, love, joy and balance in their lives.

People who want to be free from whatever is stopping them from being how they yearn to be.

I will make your mind your own  best friend, your own cheerleader and champion working for you 24/7.

What’s more, not only do I achieve great success but also I specialise in doing it quickly usually in one session and rarely more than two.

To achieve this I use Rapid Transformational Therapy,  a powerful and creative form of therapy rooted in neuroscience. It is so effective because it creates new neural pathways in the brain leading to renewed ways of thinking, feelings, emotions and habits of behaviour

Training, qualifications & experience

I began my career as a psychotherapist in the NHS.  I qualified at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles.  I trained and worked in Ireland under Dr Jack Gibson F.R.C.S.I., as a clinical hypnotherapist. Also with the world famous Marisa Peer, therapist to celebrities, premier league footballers and royalty, as a qualified Marisa Peer Certified Therapist.  So you can be assured of receiving the very best Rapid Transformational Therapy which always get results, very often in just one session.